12 Jan

Group Buys – Bitcoin

BenefitsWeekly.com reports that more than half of small business workers would choose a job with great retirement benefits and minimum salary over a job with high salary and fewer retirement benefits.

Belmont Financial Group can help you maximize your compensation dollars and minimize your turnover by providing your employees with flexible and self-directed retirement and pension plans. Whether you have two employees or 1000, retirement and pension benefits plans are effective tools to increase employee retention and loyalty.

Belmont’s secure and efficient administration structure allows your employees to individually access their retirement accounts and actively monitor their savings progress, saving your company time and money in the benefits administration process.

Belmont Financial Group can provide your company with innovative and tax-minimizing plans that allow both employer and employee to plan for post-work years. From Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSPs) to defined benefit pension plans to group RRSP programs, we will structure a retirement benefits program customized for your business and HR needs.

Group RRSPs and Pensions – Where Do We Go From Here?

If life is an ocean, then our financial concerns are like the waves that rock the boat; sometimes rough and sometimes calm, our finances can help us toward our goals or keep us back with every swell.  But when you look ahead to those shores of retirement, do you feel your boat sailing quickly, or sinking slowly?  Do you feel worried about what retirement will bring, and if you have enough money to get you there comfortably?  Do you feel seasick when you think about the differences between defined contribution and defined benefit pension plans, or what makes a group RRSP different from either?  Stop worrying, because Belmont Financial Group is there to tow you to shore.  We can help you sort through all your retirement savings questions and guide you to your ultimate destination – real group investment solutions!

At Belmont Financial Group, we pride ourselves in giving practical retirement options to the companies we advise.  That means information sessions for you and your employees about your retirement plan options, making sure everyone is comfortable with their choices and understands how their money is working for them, and most importantly, setting up the best plan for your business.  With Belmont Financial Group at the helm, you won’t have to worry about those waves anymore; you can enjoy the journey, knowing that you and your money are safe and sound.

Group Retirement Solutions at Belmont Financial Group – it’s something to feel good about!

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