02 Jul

Make your own custom ASG paintball patches

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It’s time to make some changes in your paintball team. And the best way to do it is by creating custom ASG paintball patches. Not only you’ll show your competitors that you take pride in your team, but you will also affect your team as well. They will feel more motivated – and that’s what you need to win!

What’s the easiest way to make custom ASG paintball patches?

custom asg paintball patches

You can always look online where to find custom embroidery companies that will help you with making your ASG paintball patches. But, before you even start looking, you should define how your patch is going to look like. So, here are some tips that can help you with that.

#1 Where you’re going to wear it

Your patch needs to be in the right place, to give you and your competitors a sense of your personality. That’s why you should think about where are you going to wear your patch. Is it going to be on the hat only? Maybe you’re thinking about the sleeve or the front pocket? In either case, setting up a place where your patch will be displayed will give you a sense of shape, coloring, and style you might want to use.

#2 What’s your personality

Now, this is the most important part of the customization. Bear in mind that your ASG paintball patch will determine how the others will see your team. Therefore, you might want to go with something that’s close to your personality. For example, you ought to use a patch with the logo of your favorite club. Or, why don’t you try one with the logo of the club that’s most similar to your team? You can get some pretty good logo replicas of ASG clubs and use them on hats or top you’re going to wear.

#3 Coloring

It may not seem like it, but the coloring is also a vital step in making your ASG paintball patches. Why? Because the logo itself is only the half of the design, and you want the whole pack. The choice of the right coloring can add it a context that you want to reveal to your team and your opponents alike subconsciously. Thus, if you choose a bold coloring, you will show your determinate ability, bravery, or sense of rivalry to both your team members and your competitors.

custom asg paintball patches#4 Message

The purpose of the ASG paintball patches is to send a message which will wrap up what do you think about your team and what are your strengths. The combination of the logo and color will, inevitably, shape the message you’re sending.  You can actually order these through our Bitcoin Group Buy Featured Here.

#5 Customize

You shouldn’t stop at choosing the logo replica and the color for your ASG paintball patch. You can frame together several ASG patches and combine them with autographs or photos of your favorite players. That way, you’ll have your favorite ASG patches right on your wall – and believe us, your friends are either going to love it or be jealous about it.

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