10 Apr

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There are thousands of “Make Money Online” systems out there. As I have stated before I do think that many of these systems have valuable information in them. Some more than others. The question becomes whether or not the system will teach you a skill that gets you closer to your financial goals for the price you paid for the program. The answer to that question will vary depending on the program and the person who bought that program.

I have bought programs that some people would label as a “scam” and still learned valuable information from them. In life it is important to learn from our mistakes. If we aren’t learning from our mistakes than we are destined to repeat them. Most programs are mediocre, some are amazing, and others are flat out scams. As budding affiliates we must all take our time when choosing where to invest our money. Its important we review any program we are thinking of purchasing and evaluate if that product has enough information about a topic we want to learn. If the answer is yes than all you can do is take the leap of faith and learn what we can. Even if we happen to buy one of the not so good “Make Money Online Systems” there is still something we can learn from it. Turn the leans back on yourself and do some personal research study. Ask yourself

“Why did I buy this product?”

“What kind of pitch sold me on the product?”

“What was the sales method that hooked me in?”

“What state of emotion was I in when I made the purchase? was I tired? hungry? happy? sad? desperate?”

There are many questions you can ask yourself that will give you valuable market in-site into how the buyer thinks. In this case the buyer was you so put your ego and pride aside and give yourself true answers.

If you approach you affiliate career with this amount of curiosity and wit you are sure to become a successful marketer. Brush it off, learn some lessons, and move on. Before you know it you will become financially free!

The purpose of this page

There are 2 reasons I created this page:

1) To help you make an educated decision before you spend your hard earned cash on a “Make Money Online” system

2) To prove to you that the systems I do recommend are worth your time and money


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